Struck Strength offers comprehensive strength and conditioning training programs for high schools/and colleges that do not have access to a full time strength and conditioning coach as well as individualized programs student athletes looking to take their game to the next level. Our training philosophy focuses on improving physical and mental ability, developing toughness, mitigating injury risk, cultivating character, and building relationships. To learn more about our specific services and how we can help you achieve your athletic goals, click the link to access the full version.

Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy at Struck Strength is centered around improving physical and mental abilities to help athletes achieve their highest level of readiness to perform. We focus on increasing work capacity, strength, power, speed/agility, specific conditioning, flexibility/mobility, and nutrition to develop a precisely controlled training program that achieves peak physical performance at the appropriate time of the competitive season. For more information, please click the link to view the full version of our training philosophy.

Contact Me 

To contact me via email for my services, simply send an email to [email protected] with your inquiry or to schedule a consultation. I will respond as soon as possible to discuss how I can help you achieve your athletic goals.

About Me

"Hello and welcome to Struck Strength! My name is Marc Struck and I am the founder and head strength coach of Struck Strength. As a former college athlete myself, I understand the importance of proper strength and conditioning training in achieving peak athletic performance.

My Mission

At Struck Strength, our mission is to provide  athletes with the best possible athletic preparation, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We believe that maximizing traits that ultimately lead to athletic success is our duty. Our program objectives are to improve physical performance, develop physical, mental, and emotional toughness, mitigate injury risk, develop character, and cultivate relationships. We strive to ensure that our athletes are well-rounded individuals who are physically prepared, mentally tough, and emotionally resilient.

My Training Philosophy

At Struck Strength, our training philosophy is centered on achieving the highest level of readiness to perform physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our precisely controlled training program is designed to improve physical and mental ability and maximize athletic success. We prioritize increasing work capacity, building strength, developing power, enhancing speed and agility, and specific conditioning to mimic the demands of the sport. We also focus on flexibility and mobility, educating athletes on proper nutrition choices, and mitigating injury risk. Our goal is to cultivate well-rounded athletes who are ready to excel on the field or court.

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